Payment Protection

Payment Protection

 What is Payment Protection?

Death Benefits to Beneficiary

"First 2 Years Study"
We did an in-house study a few years back and found that the most vulnerable time that a beneficiary or loved one can potentially lose the house is in the first 2 years.

"Critical Time Frame"
In that 2-year time frame, it is imperative that we make sure that your family is protected from losing the roof over their heads in the event that you pass away. That is done with this Payment Protection option.

"A Different Approach to Protecting the Family and Home"
Most people over 60 want these types of plans instead of paying off the whole house because it's a fraction of the cost of traditional protection and still keeps the family from losing the house. This is a great strategy when Cost, Health, or Age doesn't allow you to cover the whole mortgage.

"Protect Your Home on your Time Table"
This type of plan buys your family time to make an educated decision on what to do next instead of being forced to make a quick decision and potentially lose the house. It is very difficult to make rational financial decisions when your family is emotionally not prepared to.

"Plans Are Customizable"
These plans have customizable time frames but usually, are either 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months of the mortgage being covered.*Payment%20Protection-rev-tr*png?alt=media&token=3b734b0c-b524-4ff9-b3ce-06e41014c242*payment%20protection%20older%20couple-modified-small*jpg?alt=media&token=9a23d1a4-16a1-403c-a257-fd63bc10e268*1653592978187*1653565140314*0*svg?alt=media&token=94134779-0328-4997-af85-06b6f36d04ff
Did you know that the TOP 3 REASONS homeowners go into foreclosure are because of Death, Illness and Unemployment?*1653592983478*1653565162704*0*svg?alt=media&token=a7dd4ad9-68cf-4ee4-a349-bc6f8b2a7260*1653592985973*1653565140314*0*svg?alt=media&token=0afe6bbe-ac49-4daa-be3f-e0ae3aaab52f
These plans are designed to pay out one lump sum to your beneficiary upon your death. TAX-FREE!*1653592992496*1653565162704*0*svg?alt=media&token=c21c40d6-62d2-43ac-bbf6-d6874ab22519

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