Why Accidental?

Leading Cause of Death
LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH: Accidents are the 4th leading cause of death. For people up through 44 years of age, accidents are the leading cause of death.*Accidental%20Details%20for%20mortgage*png?alt=media&token=7af99b50-13a0-4002-97e4-ba977c2107a8*1653592978187*1653565140314*0*svg?alt=media&token=94134779-0328-4997-af85-06b6f36d04ff
Accidents Can Happen At Any Time*1653592983478*1653565162704*0*svg?alt=media&token=a7dd4ad9-68cf-4ee4-a349-bc6f8b2a7260*plane%20or%20train*png?alt=media&token=41b383c8-3721-45d4-bb9c-3f7fb2718554

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